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Legal Knowledge about UAE

Alcohol License in Dubai, UAE

UAE is an Islamic country and highly respects Islamic teachings and its values. Therefore, in the country, everything is kept under certain limitations.  While living in progressive Dubai you can enjoy full liberality and independence as in any other country in the world. Previously, there was a complete ban on license consumption. As time progresses, the laws have relaxed over time. 

The UAE has recently changed the laws concerning the Alcohol license in Dubai. Efforts are being made to decriminalize it. People under the age bracket of 21 are not permitted to drink alcohol. Moreover, they cannot have a license for alcohol consumption.

Under all the recent developments, Muslims in Dubai, UAE are not allowed to consume alcohol.  In Islam, alcohol is prohibited as per the sharia law. There is a full-fledged documentation procedure for alcohol licenses and consumptions. The documents contain the instances where it is applied and where it is still prohibited.

As everything has moved to Emirates ID and thus the license and alcohol are also attached to it.  Now the buying and selling of alcohol comes under a new process.  If adequate ways are followed, the alcohol can be purchased and sold. Although, for public consumption, the ban remains the same.  There is a lot of strictness in this regarding Dubai, UAE.

The application approval time is approximately 48 hours and thus, the license is ready within 4 weeks. This means that within a month the license is ready for issuance. This license serves the purpose of alcohol consumption along with its transportation around Dubai. 

Besides, the residents of the UAE have to show their emirates residency papers to NOC to grab the license. The NOC is issued by Abu Dhabi Special License or the Sharjah Police Headquarters.

For tourists, there is another set of laws. Under the law, the tourists have to apply for a quick 30-day short alcohol license to get permission. The permissions last for a 30 days time period. Moreover, they can simply go to the nearby store to sell alcohol. All they need to do is to show their passport with an entry stamp in Dubai, UAE. Furthermore, alcohol can be bought online.

In this respect, lawyers, attorneys, and advocates can be hired for guidance. They can assist you in this regard. There is no court involved in this and thus, the legal consultants in Dubai can also be approached to serve the purpose. 

Lawyers in Dubai have the potential to deliver top-notch services to their clients. Besides, lawyers associated with law firms in Dubai are capable of offering full-fledged service. Mostly, such cases are hired by senior lawyers.

Lawyers have vast legal and social knowledge and thus, can help you accurately. They will also guide you on how to stay within limits in this regard. The lawyers know the laws and thus, if you have got back from an expert lawyer, we will consider legal aspects into account before offering advice or any way forward.

Note: As per the new amendments, the license fee is going to be exempted in 2023. Please contact the best Law Firms to grab the legal knowledge.

What is Vicarious Liability?

Vicarious liability is a term used to describe when 1 party is declared responsible for a certain action that is termed illegitimate or illegal by a third party. It is also known as the ‘Doctrine of Vicarious Liability. In this regard, the third party has a burden of liability. 

The first party is held accountable when the third party is not willing to fulfill its duty. Under the scenario, the first party is responsible for the third party.  We must keep in mind vicarious liability is a liability that is more than the law. 

Vicarious liability is crafted to provide relief to the people. It is intended for the betterment of humans.  Around the world, injured people are provided relief. Similarly, UAE also has similar cases to offer an opportunity to get compensation for the injury. 

The concept of vicarious liability can easily be understood with a few examples. For instance, an employee working for a company makes any fraud on behalf of the company he is working in.

 In addition, the employer is termed as responsible for the act. Any wrongful act done by the employee within the company will make the employer responsible for the action. 

Let us discuss the term with another example. A storage company warehouse caught fire which can be due to the mistake of any employee working there. Now, it is the store owner who is held responsible for the fire. 

The store owner is liable for all the damage to the goods in the storage company. Therefore, it is the store owner who will pay for the damages and will compensate all the users in the storage. 

Generally, there is a thought that if a mistake or blunder is done by the employer why the third party or the employer is held responsible? This is a million-dollar question to answer. The answer is pretty straightforward. The law does not ignore the significance or the involvement of the main party. The law considers the role of the main party and thus, the laws are based upon that. 

The Law of tory is crafted for the such situation when 1 party is injured by another. In this, the injured party wants compensation for the injuries.  A tort is described by statutory law or by common law. There are generally 3 kinds of the law of torts: intentional torts, negligent torts, and strict liability torts. 

Henceforth the burden of responsibility shall lie with the first part. This is because the first party is the major decision maker and responsibility holder as well. It is a legal terminology designed by the law and the honorable court. 

This is widely in use under matters of labor and employment-related cases. The dependent is held liable in the law of tort. He is the one who is responsible for the unlawful act of an individual. The action committed by the employer shall be upon the employer or the owner. 

The employer is treated as the first party. In the relationship between the employer and employee, the responsibility is put on the shoulders of an employer or the first party.

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