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Bucket List Items When In New Orleans

Everyone comes to New Orleans for different reasons. One of the best and most well-known activities to do in New Orleans is to visit jazz clubs and festivals and, of course, eat traditional dishes at the city’s top restaurants. However, the city has much more to offer than just a lavish celebration; from top-notch attractions like the National WWII Museum to breathtaking architecture and the surrounding landscape, anyone can have a great time here. Maybe you want to indulge in a delectable beignet or have a drink at one of New Orleans’ greatest bars. If you’re more of a history enthusiast, you can visit museums to learn more about the city’s lengthy and fascinating past. 

Parks, bayous, rivers, and lakes can all be explored by those who enjoy being outside. Or you might simply explore the city’s attractive and distinctive neighborhoods. If water activities are your thing, there are also plenty of pool vacation rentals in New Orleans to choose from. Aside from the things mentioned above, here are a few more things to do when you’re around town:

French Quarter

The French Quarter is always the go-to, no matter the season, while Bourbon Street can be ignored (unless it’s your first visit to New Orleans, in which case you must experience it). The Vieux Carre, the city’s oldest area, is home to stunning architecture, a ton of history, a wide range of cuisine and great music, and a colorful cast of characters that includes long-time locals, lively tourist guides, and skilled street performers. Don’t forget to visit historical sites such as the Historic New Orleans Collection, and make sure to enjoy the vistas of the Mississippi from the Quarter’s edge.

Frenchmen Street

One of the city’s top areas for music is Marigny, which is a district next to the French Quarter. Live music venues are scattered all around the area, such as the Spotted Cat and dba. It is in these places that you can really get a taste of the city’s flair in jazz, reggae, rock, and blues. You can also find brass bands at virtually every corner of the city. Even the restaurants are music-filled! Enjoy Egyptian food, pub grubs, and pizza that pairs well with the notes and rests in the air.

National WWII Musem

A world-class facility, the National WWII Museum features numerous award-winning exhibits that tell the tales of people who served during the war and at home. Highlights include real aircraft, jeepneys, and Higgins Boats, a theater with musical performances from the Second World War, a café, and an amazing gift shop with items inspired by the 1940s.

Magazine Street

Everything is available along this six-mile stretch, including restaurants, shopping centers, art galleries, distinctive architecture, a zoo, and very welcoming locals. Get your steps in while you browse neighborhood boutiques, and afterward, treat yourself to a meal at one of the numerous diners that provides patio or sidewalk dining with a view of the busy street.

City Park

The 1,300 acres of beautifully maintained green space known as City Park are home to moss-covered oak trees, tranquil strolling trails, and native birds. Get your inner child out at Carousel Gardens Amusement Park, where you can rent a swan boat at the Big Lake and also take the kids to Storyland. Don’t skip the Couturie Forest, a fascinating nature walk that includes Laborde Mountain, which rises a remarkable 43 feet above sea level and is New Orleans’ highest point.

New Orleans Museum of Art

The city’s premier art museum is located in City Park on the border of Big Lake. More than 40,000 works, ranging from works during the Italian Renaissance to contemporary art, are housed at NOMA. View artwork by Monet, O’Keefe, and Rodin, as well as pre-Columbian art, glass, pottery, and a sizable collection of photographs. Spend some time in the nearby Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden, which is a gorgeously designed exhibition space for the Museum’s sculpture collection.

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