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To Increase Sales, Using A Trading Platform Is Essential


As part of the BlackBull Markets, we can choose between MetaTrader4, the market leader, and MetaTrader5, the next version of MetaTrader4. 

Both have a super-convenient choice between robust conditions and an easy-to-use interface. Both are good for beginners and experts, making software a pleasant companion on your trading journey.

Compared to more than 500 other brokers, the BlackBull Markets Platform has an overall score of 10 out of 10. We give it an “excellent” rating because it has a good selection of market leaders like MT4 and MT5 and social trading tools like ZuluTrade, myfxbook, and TradingView. Also gave all sound research and good tools.

In addition, BlackBull Markets clients can now trade directly in TradingView, the world’s best charting and best forex platform. The broker recently added this feature to improve the proposal.

Web Trading

Both BlackBull platforms have versions that work on any device, whether a PC, a Mac, a tablet, a smartphone, or the web, which you can access right from your browser. 

Even though Web Trading doesn’t have as many tools as the desktop version, it still has the most important things that traders need daily. See our snapshot of the platform below.

The design is straightforward to comprehend, as MT4 and five technology are renowned for this. You can also get the most out of your trading performance with unmatched BlackBull markets trading solutions and a lot of money spent on research and development.

Also, BlackBull enabled you to use extra features like VPS servers and FIX API Trading, so you can always use your strategy best.

Mobile Platform For Trading

It’s hard to imagine trading without a mobile platform since it lets you keep an eye on things and know what’s going on wherever you are. 

Like we did, you will also like the technical analysis and charting options on the BlackBull Markets Mobile platform.

Auto Trading

Even though it’s not necessary to get into the details of each platform, a BlackBull platform is excellent software for either manual or automatic trading. 

There are no limits on using EAs, and neither scalping nor hedging strategies is against the rules. 

With BlackBull’s execution technology and thorough education, you can get the most out of it, but it’s all up to you.

You can also trade with others using top software like ZuluTrade and Myfxbook.

Help For Customers

As far as Customer Support goes, BlackBull made it as easy as possible so that its traders will always feel supported and happy.

You can talk to support about any problem or question and count on getting good service. You can reach the support team through Live Chat, International Phone Lines, email, and world centres.

BlackBull’s customer service is rated Excellent, scoring 9 out of 10 based on our tests. We received responses immediately from subject matter experts. Additionally, they were simple to reach within regular business hours.

See what we found and how we ranked the quality of customer service:


High rating for customer service

Support for international languages

Team with skills, correct answers

Email, Live Chat, and Phones


There’s no service around the clock

Costs And Distributions

As was previously mentioned, the minimum round-trip price of trading a Forex currency pair with a regular BlackBull Markets account is at least 0.8 pips.

The primary account has a minimum round-trip price of EUR / USD of at least 0.1 pips plus a fee of 0.6 pips; that is, account holders of this kind will only pay 0.7 pips.

Institutional account features minimal spreads and negotiable commission rates. Large investors with a minimum of $20,000 can make money on this.

The pricing of the other CFD instruments on offer and the round-trip costs are standard for the market.

The fact that BlackBull Markets does not impose extra administrative costs, like inactivity fees, is especially noteworthy.

BlackBull Review: The End

Overall, BlackBull Markets has a lot to offer traders from all over the world. Along with being regulated, it has advanced features and competitive market conditions. It is also one of the brokers that lets you use high-leverage ratios. 

There are different ways to trade, such as using a platform or a programme. BlackBull Markets is a great broker because it provides a wide selection of accounts and extremely low spreads for all these trading styles.

Based on what we found and what financial experts said, BlackBull Markets is good for Beginner traders • Professional traders • Traders who like the MT4 or MT5 platform • trading view, Zulu trade, and myfxbook Copy Trading,

High Leverage Strategies and Trading, Running ease, Algorithmic or API Traders, A variety of trading strategies, including scalping and hedging, are suitable for currency trading and CFD trading.

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