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Poland keeps the game exciting

Poland started the second half with verve and obviously had a lot of plans. The German team lost the ball several times, but defensively they were one hundred percent on top (39:28, 23rd). Nevertheless, Poland came closer and the DBB team struggled to find clear actions. Poland sensed its chance (40:33, 25.), and the Polish fans raised the alarm. Slaughter sank his first three-pointer, and Voigtmann countered from long distance (45:38, 26.). Go to https://22bet.com.sn/casino/ and try your luck just like the athletes at the decisive match. It was now a real three-pointer festival and then Theis scored directly at the basket (50:41). The opponent did not let up, but Germany fought back with all its might. Lo hit a three-pointer at just the right time (54:43, 29th), but after three-quarters, everything was still open (54:49).

German team prevails

Poland scored first, but Schröder dived under the basket and hit the lay-up. The Poles cut the deficit to two points with a three-pointer, but the German team countered again and scored from outside in the person of Nick Weiler-Babb (59:54, 32.). A short time later Poland equalized, forcing Gordon Herbert to call a timeout (59:59, 33.). Thiemann hit a three after the timeout and Voigtmann added two threes. The German team led by four points again when Poland took its first timeout of the quarter (68:64, 36th). Schröder scored twice from the line. Weiler-Babb defended strongly against Slaughter, whereupon Schröder hit a three-pointer in return (73:64, 36.). Schröder made another one and Poland took timeout again. The German team failed to score in the next attacks, but Poland also managed only three points. Thiemann put the lid on with a three-point play 37 seconds before the end when he gave Germany an eleven-point lead (80:69, 40th). In the end, the German team deservedly won 82:69 and secured the bronze medal.

“Have made German basketball sexy!”

Dennis Schröder: “We made basketball sexy in Germany. It was our goal to win a medal from the beginning. We worked hard for it and in the beginning, nobody believed in us. Now it’s an incredible feeling. We have disproved all the rankings and have sooo much quality in the locker room. Soooo much potential for the next three, or four years. Thank you to all the fans and everyone who supported us. We have stuck together every single day. And now we move on with this team!”

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