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4 Health Tips for Women Over 70


Staying healthy is an admirable priority at any age. However, as you get older it becomes even more necessary than ever to start considering your health. This is because the older that we get, the more susceptible we become to certain health risks and diseases—particularly women.  

This is why it’s important that women over the age of 70 take special care of their bodies. Embracing a healthy lifestyle is all about taking your health into consideration under every circumstance.  Here are some of the best health tips tailored for women over the age of 70 and beyond.

Stay Active

First and foremost, it’s important that you keep your body active. That means staying on your feet for a large portion of the day. Whether it’s going for a brisk walk, or dancing, Getting your body fit isn’t just going to help you feel better about yourself emotionally, but it will also help you feel better physically. You’ll have more energy, you’ll have improved cardiovascular health, and you’ll feel less aches and pains overall.

Take Your Vitamins

Although the majority of your nutrition should come from actual food, it’s helpful to add supplements into your day. Taking an additional calcium supplement or vitamin D, for example, will help support your bone density, and reduce the risk of being injured. After all, after a certain age, even the slightest fall can lead to a broken bone. The more you can strengthen your bones, the better.  

You should also consider a daily multivitamin that has plenty of zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin B in it. This will increase your energy levels, and also boost your immune system.

Visit the Doctor Regularly

One of the most important things seniors can do for their health is visit the doctor regularly. Screenings will help you identify problems early on, and hopefully help you reverse the problem before it gets worse. Preventative healthcare is a senior’s best friend, so instead of waiting until things flare up, catch issues in their early stages.

Surround Yourself With Friends and Family

There’s so much focus on physical health when you’re older, yet less focus on your mental health. The problem is that one of the biggest health concerns in seniors is depression. This is often attributed to the loneliness that comes with your older years since you don’t get out as much. 

Your emotional well-being is critical to your physical health.  That’s right, emotional imbalance can present itself as a physical illness or injury.  So make sure that you prioritize activities with people you love. Whether you have dinner together, or schedule time for a call. Maintain a sense of connection with others and you’ll keep a more positive outlook on life in general and reduce the risk of depression.

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