About Me

Luzhniki When I was born, I Charlie and Mewas defined as a daughter and a sister. As I grew I became a student, a gymnast, a friend. My adult years defined me as a wife, a mother, an executive. My husband ran for political office and I was defined as a candidates wife, a campaign manager and a speech writer. Once my children began school and sports I was a PTA mom, a team mom and a nurse and teacher. One day I was in a tragic accident and I became the woman how survived but lost he mother-in-law. It was that day that I determined I can be defined by so many things depending on the stage of my life and the experiences. But it is when we choose to define our lives by how we live not be the circumstances we find ourselves in. I choose to be a woman who faces challenges, joys, fears and life with a positive outlook and by being the kindest person I can be. And I want share with other woman ideas, stories, questions, faiths and challenges. I want to be defined by the bonds we woman share and continue to define myself everyday.

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