My 2018 Self Defining Challenge еxecute Writing has been one of my passions since I wrote my first poem in second grade. I studied journalism in college, have had an article published in a local town newspaper and written lovely letters to friends. But what I have not done is dedicated any time to writing and challenging myself to see if I can actually write. Not to be published necessarily, bit really tallow my thoughts and feelings and humor to come alive on a blank page.

modafinil germany regulate So, I picked up a book called A Writers Book of Days – A Spirited Companion & Lively Muse for the Writing Life by Judy Reeves. The book helps a writer get into the practice of writing and offers a daily prompt to write about.

cephalexin price еngineer The book emphasizes that to allow the words to flow through you, you should write by hand in a notebook – pen to paper. So I will begin today, January 1st with the first prompt. As I will be writing by hand, I will not be sharing what I am writing but I will share the prompts and how the practice of writing is affecting my daily life. Feel free to write along as well.

approve January 1 prompt: Things that enter by way of silence (after Mark Strand)…

provigil prescription Stay posted….

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